One Choice Can Change Your Life Forever…Choose Life On Your Campus

The Mission: The opportunity for Students for Life of America and others to share an award winning film about the splendor and beauty of truth simply depicted in the context of the American Dream.

The Goal: To Bring Life To Your Campus!

What You Can Do: 4 Steps to Support Life

Sign up here for a free screening of Bella on your campus.

Establish your common goal: Life! with faith-based groups on campus and partner with them for Bella screenings.

Partner with film/art groups on campus for Bella screenings and discussions—your common goal is beauty and truth.

Make your presence known! Set up a booth promoting Bella On Campus at all campus events.

Organize a Bella Screening for Latino groups on Campus or during Latino Pride Month.

Bella On Campus is a special project from the Human-Rights Education and Relief Organization (HERO) that pays public screening fees of Bella--winner of the People’s Choice Award at the Toronto Film Festival as well as top prizes at 10 other festivals--for college students who are passionate about spreading a message of hope, truth and love throughout their college communities.
Defend life, seek truth, and contemplate beauty by supporting Bella On Campus and bringing the award winning film to a screen near you!



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